South Colonie Continues Rebranding Journey: Focus Groups to Commence in November

South Colonie Central School District is actively continuing its rebranding efforts. Building upon the work initiated back in March of the previous year, the finalization of the engagement phase in the rebranding process took place during the recent district rebranding committee meeting on October 23. The next stage involves the launch of 10-12 focus groups composed of various stakeholders, with discussions scheduled to commence in early November.

These focus groups will include a diverse range of stakeholders, such as students at all educational levels, staff members, volunteers, alumni, PTA leadership, parent/engagement committee participants, athletes, coaches, board members, and district leadership.

These meetings will serve as a platform for these smaller groups to contribute insights on four potential mascot names and associated imagery: Colonie Wolves/Wolfpack, Colonie Coyotes, Colonie Raptors, and Colonie Riders. Feedback, ideas, and recommendations generated by these focus groups will be thoughtfully compiled and analyzed by the district rebranding committee. Leveraging their expertise and the valuable input from stakeholders, the committee will then formulate recommendations for the South Colonie Board of Education, which will subsequently be put to a vote.

“The journey toward rebranding South Colonie is a dynamic and community-driven process,” said Dr. David Perry, superintendent of schools. “It is a collective effort to ensure our district’s identity truly reflects our values. As we embark on this next step, we encourage everyone to be open, willing to participate in discussions if invited and help shape the next generation of branding that best represents our schools.”

South Colonie is committed to its rebranding journey, embracing unity, innovation and a shared vision. South Colonie Board of Education is expected to vote on the new mascot in early 2024.