South Colonie celebrates Class of 2022

South Colonie 68th Commencement Exercise took place at MVP Arena on Friday, June 24, 2022.

The Colonie Central High School Class of 2022 celebrated graduation 68th Commencement Exercise on Friday, June 24 at the MVP Arena

“It was a truly memorable day,” said Dr. David Perry, Superintendent of Schools.  “Our students had a great day celebrating with their family and friends.”

In his remarks, Executive Principal Thomas Kachadurian discussed two important qualities for students to take away as they move beyond Colonie Central High School.

Your lesson, as a collective class of 2022, is that all things, good, bad and in between, can be managed and balanced through 2 qualities: Grace and Gratitude.” Kachadurian said. “To be clear, grace is one’s ability to act with kindness, respect and compassion especially when the odds are incredibly imbalanced against you.  And gratitude is genuine appreciation and a return of kindness.  It’s appreciation for who you are, who we are, the circumstances surrounding us, the factors at work for and against us, it’s the reflection of sincere thanks even if the outcome does not result in our favor,” he added.

In addition to the traditional commencement ceremony elements  including the national anthem, alma mater, a welcome message to students, and of course the awarding of diplomas, the Colonie Central High School Hall of Fame inducted three individuals to the Class of 2022.

The Colonie Central High School Hall of Fame induction takes place each year as part of the graduation ceremony to recognize distinguished graduates who have made exceptional contributions in their respective fields. This year the three alumni that were inducted included the following:

    • The late Daniel J. Burnetter, Class of 1978
    • Katharine “Kate” Halligan, MD, PhD, Class of 1998
    • Richard LaMotte, Class of 1991

More about the Hall of Fame recipients can be found here. 

Live Stream

The full-day was live-streamed.  View the full video below.


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