South Colonie Celebrates Board of Education Recognition Week with Heartfelt Appreciation

students pose for a photo outside of the district office.
Students in Sara Vann’s fourth grade glass pose for a photo outside the district office before making a BOE recognition week video.

Students and Community Show Gratitude to Dedicated Board Members

South Colonie celebrated its Board of Education members during Board of Education Recognition Week with a wave of heartfelt appreciation, honoring the remarkable individuals who work tirelessly to shape the future of the district. The occasion, held during a board meeting on October 17, was filled with touching gestures and expressions of gratitude.

The meeting featured a range of thoughtful tributes, including cards, portraits, and a special video message from Saddlewood fourth-grade students in Sara Vann’s class.

Leading up to the week, schools within the district joined hands to create personalized cards and heartfelt portraits to show their appreciation. These creations were thoughtfully handcrafted by students, who took great care in making each gesture special. It was heartwarming to witness the outpouring of creativity and gratitude from South Colonie’s youngest members.

The highlight of the celebration was the heartwarming video message from Saddlewood fourth-grade students in Sara Vann’s class. This moving tribute showcased the students’ gratitude for the Board members’ unwavering dedication and commitment to providing a top-quality education.

“We are deeply touched by the thoughtful gestures and messages from our students, parents, and the community,” said Board of Education President Brian Casey. “We are committed to providing the best education for our students, and knowing that we have the support and appreciation of our students and their families means the world to us.”

Board of Education Recognition Week serves as a reminder of the essential role that education leaders play in our communities. Thank you to the following individuals for giving so much of their time to the South Colonie school community:

    • Brian Casey, President
    • Stephanie Cogan, Vice President
    • Thomas (TJ) Blakley
    • Rose Gigliello
    • Chris Larrabee
    • Bob Mesick
    • Mike Keane
    • David Kiehle
    • James “Tim” Ryan