South Colonie celebrates 75th Anniversary with memorable Opening Day message

Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Perry shares remarks to staff during Opening Day ceremony

The South Colonie School District  staff celebrated today as the district marked the beginning of its 75th Anniversary year. Administrators, teachers, and faculty members came together for a special celebration – the official start to the school year, Opening Day.

Superintendent Dr. David  Perry set the tone with a warm welcome, acknowledging the dedication of South Colonie’s team over the summer months.

“Our educators, staff, and administrators put in tremendous effort over the summer to keep South Colonie at the forefront of innovation and opportunity,” Dr. Perry shared with the staff. “Our commitment to providing an outstanding educational experience for our students doesn’t take a break during the summer. One fantastic example of this dedication is KinderConnection at Shaker Road, which not only helps kindergarten students and families connect with each other before the school year begins but also represents our year-round dedication to growth and community engagement.”

Superintendent Perry also introduced new administrators and recognized employees who had devoted 30 years of service to the district. He shared updates on the Next Generation Capital Project and the district’s Vision 2025, a forward-looking roadmap that charts the district’s goals for the years ahead.

“Our Vision 2025 guides our path,” Superintendent Perry explained. “It shapes our decisions, fuels our actions, and keeps us true to our mission, focusing on academics, wellness, character, and community as our four pillars.”

The morning took on a heartfelt note as Board of Education President Brian Casey, a proud Colonie Central High School alumnus from the Class of ’67, addressed the staff. His words emphasized the enduring commitment to educational excellence that South Colonie has upheld for seven and a half decades.

man presents on stage with screen behind him
Dr. Micah Shippee, Director of Education Technology Consulting Solutions at Samsung Education. Dr. Shippee asks the audience “Why did you become involved in education?”

The meeting came to a close with a special message from guest speaker Dr. Micah Shippee, Director of Education Technology Consulting Solutions at Samsung Education. Dr. Shippee, recognized for his contributions to education and innovation, challenged the audience with a fundamental question: “Why did you become involved in education.” His thought-provoking exploration of the motivations that drive educators touched on the importance of authenticity in the classroom.

Dr. Shippee’s message resonated deeply as he reminded educators of their essential role in inspiring students through reflection, problem-solving, and authentic experiences in the classroom.

The district is set to welcome students back to campus on Thursday, Sept. 7 More information on the 75th Anniversary and opportunities to get involved, can be found here.