South Colonie Bus Schedules set to be released on Monday, Aug. 22

Dear South Colonie Parents/Guardians,

This message is to inform you that the 2022-23 Busing Schedules for your child(ren) will be released on Monday, Aug. 22 at 3 p.m.  The information will be available to view on the ASPEN portal. Information about how to access the ASPEN portal can be found here:  

Please be sure to continue to check the information listed until the first day of school as the times may change. Additionally, if you have questions regarding the transportation information once posted, please contact the Transportation Department at (518) 869-8527. 

We appreciate your flexibility with our drivers at the start of the school year.  It is typical that bus pick up and drop off times may vary as students and staff get accustomed to their schedules. 

We look forward to welcoming students back to South Colonie on Wednesday, Sept. 7. Have a good rest of your summer.

South Colonie Transportation Department