South Colonie BOE appoints Sand Creek Drama Club Co-Directors for 2023-24 school year

On July 6, South Colonie announced the appointment of two individuals as co-directors of the Sand Creek Drama Club.  Effective Sept.1, Christina Coogan and Stephanie Reese will take the place of longstanding educator and director DeLynn Wickham.

Coogan and Reese have demonstrated their passion for the arts and their commitment to nurturing the talents of our students. 

Coogan is a Sand Creek art teacher who has experience working as part of the Lisha Kill Drama Club during her time in the district. Reese is a speech pathologist at Roessleville who gained experience working on Sand Creek’s spring production. Reese is also currently working with students as part of the summer theatre group.  Both Coogan and Reese are graduates of Colonie and are excited to continue the tradition of opportunity and inclusivity that the Sand Creek extra-curricular drama program offers students. 

“With Coogan and Reese directing Sand Creek’s club we can anticipate an unforgettable experience for students filled with creativity, growth and collaboration,” said Superintendent of Schools David Perry. “Together, they will foster a welcoming environment where every member of our club can explore their talents, develop their skills and find their unique place in the world of theater.”

Stay tuned for updates on the exciting plans that Coogan and  Reese will be spearheading for the upcoming school year.