South Colonie 2.0 reopening task force begins planning for the 2021-22 school year; Welcomes new members to the committee

The South Colonie Central School District ad hoc committee to support the reimagining and reopening of schools for the 2021-22 school year, kicked off their planning last week during their first scheduled meeting.  

The committee which consists of representatives from the South Colonie Board of Education, administrators, teachers, the district’s medical director among other key personnel also welcomed seven new parent/guardian participants to support the planning for the upcoming school year. A full list of committee members can be found here. 

The committee’s focus will be to ensure that the district is meeting the latest guidelines set forth by New York state while prioritizing the learning experience for all students. The committee members will provide feedback on a revised reopening plan for the upcoming school year and work with district leadership to ensure community feedback is considered.

“We know what has been working for us so far but will definitely be looking at expanding the capacity of our classrooms to allow more students to have an in-person learning experience,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Perry. “We will also be looking to our committee members to help us enhance the learning experience for students through the addition of extracurriculars and mental health supports while continuing to ensure a safe learning environment for our students and staff.”

The district anticipates having a 2021-22 reopening plan to share with the community by early July.  Under the current guidelines provided by the state, the following information at minimum will be included: (1) Reopening of school facilities for in-person instruction, (2) Monitoring of health conditions, (3) Containment of potential transmission of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and (4) Closure of school facilities and in-person instruction, if necessitated by widespread virus transmission.

Opportunities for families to learn more about the district’s 2021-22 reopening plan will be available through virtual community forums.  More details will be provided as the committee continues this work.