Snakes & monkeys & toucans, oh my!; Shaker Road 3rd graders perform “The Rumpus in the Rainforest

Shaker Road 3rd graders perform songs and choreography on stage
Shaker Road 3rd graders perform songs and choreography on stage

The 3rd graders at Shaker Road brought students and faculty together for their performance of “The Rumpus in the Rainforest”. Complete with songs, costumes and a strong message, the play was a great success and showed off what these students have been learning throughout the year.

“The students developed their own choreography and helped to create the set that brought this rainforest show to life. Their hard work and effort came shining through during their performances,” 3rd grade teacher Caielin White said.

The story starts with Frog who lives in the Amazon rainforest that wants to see more of the world. Frog explained that because the leaves are so thick in parts of the forest, less than 10% of the sun reaches the jungle floor, where Frog lives. Frog asks their friend Toucan for help getting to the sky, but Toucan is injured. Frog then travels through the forest meeting the other species that inhabit the rainforest, but none of them are interested in reaching the sky and insist that everything you need is on the jungle floor.

After much exploration, Frog remembers their friend Toucan and realizes that they must help each other. With a powerful display of teamwork, the different creatures of the jungle all come together to help find something that will help Toucan. Luckily, everything they needed to create the medicine was there on the jungle floor!

Students sang songs about the animals, the jungle, and the importance of collaboration throughout the play. The play was a great success and attendees will be singing the tunes all day!