Shaker Road welcomes new principal (for-a-day!)

a student sitting in the principals chair
Cassandra Smith was Principal- For-A -Day at Shaker Road on the day before her birthday.

Cassandra Smith,  a second-grade student in Mrs. Tyksinski’s classroom was recently awarded the opportunity to be Shaker Road’s Principal for the day!  She earned this role because of her summer reading efforts winning the Summer Reading Sweepstakes.

As the principal, Cassie stayed very busy during the day with relentless student recognition efforts as well as visits to many classrooms. Her visits led her to be able to actively participate in the dissection of owl pellets as well as be involved in Pioneer Days activities. Being the principal is quite busy!

Being so close to her birthday, on the day of being principal, Cassie was also able to enjoy her favorite dessert (Cheesecake) and even had a little bit during her business lunch! 

When she grows up, Cassie wants to be a veterinarian.

Awesome Job, Cassie!  All of Shaker Road is grateful to you for being a wonderful principal.