Shaker Road Third Graders Grow Huge Cabbage

elementary girl poses with her huge cabbageEach year, Bonnie Plants located in Alabama drops off enough cabbage seedlings for every third grader at Shaker Road Elementary School. The goal of the program is to help kids enjoy gardening, grow in their appreciation for nature and play in the dirt.

As evidence that this not just some promotional effort we can tell you with certainty that not a single third grader has ever correctly answered the question, “Who gave you the cabbage seedling?”

elementary girl poses with her huge cabbageBonnie Plants supplies retail stores all across the country and this third grade program grew out of that supply effort. Winners are chosen from all 50 states. Mr. Dollard always enters Shaker Road students’ names and cabbages into the New York State contest, like the students whose pictures accompany this article. 

Thank you, Bonnie Plants. We’ll see you again in the Springtime.

girl holding a giant cabbage