Shaker Road Principal For a Day Showcases Her Love of Reading

Indian girl in blue dress stands on school lawnOn most school days, Vilasini Sriram is a second grader in Mrs. Harriman’s classroom at Shaker Road Elementary School. She is bright and helpful and always shows a great love for learning. In fact, Vilasini read 194 books this summer!

Those 194 books gave Vilasini the great odds needed to win Mr. Dollard’s Summer Reading Sweepstakes to be Principal-for-a-Day. She served as Shaker Road’s principal today and did so in an excellent manner. In fact, a survey of staff during lunch periods indicated that they might prefer having her be the principal every day.

Principal Vilasini was busy all day long praising staff and students, working on the Daily Bulletin, helping students who were struggling, supervising lunch periods and helping to run a fire drill. At day’s end she is a bit tired from all her work and says that she will sleep very well tonight.

Principal Vilasini’s favorite subject is Math. As mentioned above, she loves to read as evidenced by her reading of “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein to a Kindergarten classroom. Away from school she loves the beach, summer birthday parties and ice cream. She has demonstrated a great love for school and educators and students with her work today.

Thank you, Vilasini!