Shaker Road pilots “KinderConnection” forging strong bonds among incoming kindergartners and families

students and parents sit on the carpet in the library together
Students get to know each other at the Shaker Road library during KinderConnection

A heartwarming initiative paves the way for a smooth transition to school

Shaker Road Elementary School announced a new program this summer to foster a sense of unity and belonging among incoming kindergartners and their families. The “KinderConnection” program has rapidly been gaining traction among Shaker Road students and families offering a space for students to connect and play prior to the school year.  

The program is run by the school’s Library Media Specialist Mrs. Berner, offering a multi-faceted approach to ensuring that the first steps into school life are marked by a sense of excitement and familiarity.

“Last week we had 22 families show up which was awesome for them and their kids,” Berner said. “I have been wanting to try this program for a while and I am so happy that I did.  It provides students and families the opportunity to get to know the school and each other. I already know the names of more than half of the incoming Kindergartners that will start this September.”

The “Meet and Greet” sessions, held throughout the summer in the Shaker Road library offer a unique platform for incoming kindergartners and their families to get to know the school and have a familiar face for when they start the school year. These sessions have quickly become a highlight for families, allowing them to connect, share experiences, and alleviate any pre-school jitters. 

“Next week we are making lucky squishes to hold and tell our worries to and keep in our backpacks for courage when we need them at school,” Berner added. “I hope to make this program part of my summer schedule every year moving forward.”

KinderConnection at Shaker Road Elementary School prioritizes family engagement and relationships. By focusing on building strong connections between incoming kindergartners, their families, and the school community, this initiative sets a heartwarming precedent for students. As the academic year unfolds, the hope is that the bonds forged will both flourish and nurture a new generation of learners who are ready to thrive in a supportive and inspiring environment.