Shaker Road kicks off 11th annual BROvember movement in the fight to end prostate cancer

Shaker Road Bulletin Board
Shaker Road Bulletin Board is all set up for BROvember.

For the 11th consecutive year, the brave men at Shaker Road Elementary join efforts with Principal Dollard in a no-shave November to bring awareness to men’s health issues and to support the fight to end prostate cancer.

“Annually, Halloween is celebrated with a clean shave and then the razor gets put away for the rest of the month,” said principal  Dollard. “ Every year we partner with ZERO- The End of Prostate Cancer as a way to spread awareness and generate support for their work.”

This year, the school has seven brave men participating in this annual event.  

“The students get really excited to keep track of our beard-growing process on the big bulletin board outside of the cafeteria,” said Dollard. “They are able to find numbered jars that correspond to the seven men pictured on the board. Students are able to ‘vote’ for the growing beard they like the best by donating their change or quiet money.”

Students and staff are also invited to participate by joining the building-wide effort to support the beard-growers for a day of facial hair on Mustache Monday (Nov. 22).  Students have the opportunity to donate $1 and then they receive a mustache to wear for the day to show their support for BROvember.

A shout out to the Shaker Road team members who are participating in this year’s efforts. We can’t wait to see those beards!

    • Mr. Jesmain, third time defending champion 
    • Mr. Brad, 
    • Mr. McCulloch, 
    • Mr. Murray, 
    • Mr. Dollard, 
    • Mr. Mike and 
    • Mr. Greg

More details of Shaker Road’s effort in the fight against prostate cancer can be found here