Shaker Road ENL Celebrates Chinese New Year

The English as a New Language students at Shaker Road Elementary School began the Chinese New Year celebration with a festive parade around the school.

Many students wore traditional Chinese clothing while others participated by wearing red, playing noise making instruments and carrying special crafts made for the holiday. The highlight was the dancing dragon that certainly livened up the parade! Following the parade, students gave a presentation to the school about Chinese New Year as well as Korean New Year and Tet (Vietnamese New Year) that are also celebrated at this time.

This year is the Year of the Dog. Students enjoyed making dog puppets and ornaments, red lanterns and a display board about China in preparation for this special event. It was wonderful to watch the students enjoy the experience of being a part of such an exciting holiday celebrated by so many of our students. We would like to wish everyone who celebrates this holiday a very Happy New Year!