Shaker Road Elementary Spreads Holiday Cheer with Animal Shelter Donation Drive

car with boxes of stuff in the back.
Mrs. Harriman’s car was loaded with items for the human society.

In the true spirit of giving, Shaker Road Elementary School’s second-grade team, led by and Ms. Stross, embarked on a heartwarming initiative this holiday season. Instead of traditional teacher gifts, they encouraged families to join them in contributing donations to the Mohawk Hudson Animal Shelter. The response from the Shaker Road community was nothing short of extraordinary.

Families rallied together, showcasing incredible generosity as they donated various items for the furry residents of the Mohawk Hudson Animal Shelter. From dog and cat toys to essential supplies like food, beds, and blankets, the collective effort aimed to bring comfort and joy to our four-legged friends during the festive season.

Mrs. Stross expressed her gratitude, stating, “Our students had a great time putting all the animal gifts into the boxes and watching it get loaded onto Mrs. Harriman’s vehicle. Our furry friends had a wonderful holiday thanks to our second-grade families here at Shaker Road.”

tree with items all around it.
Donated items for pets showcased around the tree.

The school community’s collective effort serves as a shining example of the impact small acts of kindness can have.