Sebert Attends Project Atmosphere

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New York State Master Teacher and Sand Creek Middle School science teacher Stacey Sebert attended Project Atmosphere in July.

Project Atmosphere is the comprehensive teacher professional development program based on studies in the atmospheric sciences. It is directed toward improving teacher effectiveness in generating interest and understanding in science, technology, and mathematics among students at pre-college levels.

Major components of Project Atmosphere include (a) training from a cadre of master atmospheric education resource teachers to assist the AMS (American Meteorological Society) in training other teachers on atmospheric and related topics, and (b) the development and implementation of scientifically-accurate and pedagogically-sound instructional resource materials for teachers.

Project Atmosphere on-site portion was held at the U.S. National Weather Service Training Center (NWSTC) in Kansas City, Missouri.  The on-site, in-person portion of the workshop included lectures, tutorials, seminars, hands-on laboratory exercises, and field trips.  National Weather Service and other NOAA personnel presented a variety of topics dealing with the sensing, analyzing, and forecasting of weather.  

The workshop included the following topics: 

  • Surface and upper-air observations and analysis
  • Radar imagery and interpretation
  • Satellite imagery interpretation
  • Weather forecasting
  • Thunderstorms and severe storms
  • Hurricanes
  • Global climate change
  • Teaching and dissemination of weather information

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