Sand Creek Teams Capture 2019 KidWind Honors

group of students wearing their brown team shirts and their coach
The Sand Creek Middle School KidWind competitors and their advisor science teacher James Brown.

Two teams of students from Sand Creek Middle School captured first the second place at the local level of the 2019 KidWind (Wind Turbine) Tournament held this week at the SUNY Polytechnic STEM Expo.

The teams will go on to represent their school at the National KidWind Tournament in Houston, Texas on May 22.

Finishing in first place were the Sand Creek Winnders – sixth graders Janelle Adkins, Dylan Morehouse, Ryan Seestadt, and David and Stephen Pham with 84,518 milliWatt seconds.

Finishing in second place were the Sonic Spinners – fifth graders Jack Cronin, Jackson Bearup and Augustine Freeman with 84,250 milliWatt seconds.

What was most impressive about the competition is that both Sand Creek teams generated more power than has ever been created by any KidWind team in the 10 year history of the event. The 84,000 milliWatt seconds of power was almost twice the amount of power generated by the winning high school team.