Sand Creek Student Video Conferences on Lichens and Polar Regions

large class of students watching a video conference

Students in Stacey Sebert’s seventh and eighth grade science classes held video conferences at Sand Creek Middle School this month during their study hall and lunch periods.

The first video conference was with the Smithsonian Museum. The program is called #Sciencehow and this month the program was titled “What’s a Lichen?” Lichenologist Manuela Dal Forno spoke about lichen, answering many questions and showing lots of examples of lichen. To access the archived webcast, click on the following link:

Next month students are looking forward to learning more about elephants with the #Sciencehow program.

The second video conference was held on the Polar Regions. The program is through PolarTREC (Teachers and Researchers, Exploring and Collaborating) and featured science educator Amy Osborne and Dr. Amy Moran. Their small group of four research scientists, educators, and graduate students are on an expedition at McMurdo Station in Antarctica called “Thermal Sensitivity of Embryos and Larvae of Antarctic Marine Ectotherms.” They discussed their fieldwork investigations, showed some sea spiders, nudibranchs, and other sea creatures found in the Antarctic, as well as answered many questions students had on Antarctica.