Sand Creek STEM teacher selected to facilitate STrEaM training in UAE

Sand Creek STEM teacher, Jim Brown recently returned from the UAE after being one of 18 trainers selected from the U.S. to facilitate STEM Revolution’s STrEaM (Science, Technology, reading, Engineering, arts, Mathematics) training for the Ministry of Education (MOE).  In all, 19 trainers facilitated five-day workshops throughout the North and South, training 650 educators.  Brown and two other facilitators provided training to 93 educators in Fujairah from Jan. 5-9, 2020. 

“Brown is part of a larger group of world-class teachers who are leading STEM initiatives in the UAE,” said  Founder and CEO of STEM Revolution Dr. Lorna Finman. “Among him are Presidential Award winners in Math and Science, Global Teacher finalists, Milken Award winners, Teachers of the year, and STEM Ambassadors who are working to transform learning into developing students with future workforce skills.”

STEM Revolutions philosophy is that students from PreK to Grade 12 need to acquire the skills of innovation to be best prepared for the 21st century and beyond for success in career, college and life. These skills include collaboration, communication, creative thinking, problem-solving with reasoning, innovation, and entrepreneurship with a connection to the real world. 

Brown is supporting the mission by leading training that provides both a  common understanding of core STrEaM practices but also leaves participants with the ability to deliver meaningful learning opportunities for students in their classrooms.  

person riding a camel in the desert
Mr. Brown riding a camel in the Dubai Desert

“I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to participate in this experience,” said Brown.  “I learned a lot culturally and pedagogically from the other trainers, UAE educators, and translators. Besides providing the training, I was also able to take a safari in the Dubai desert, ride a camel, and see sights, such as the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world), the Persian Gulf, and the Sea of Oman. This is definitely an experience I can also take back to my students.”

Brown has participated in a number of STEM initiatives during his tenure and was recently recognized by the National Science Teaching Association’s January 2020 Publication for his work with the KidWind Challenge and his partnership with General Electric (GE) Renewable Energy division.