Sand Creek School Community Unites to Celebrate Bus Drivers

a group photo of students and staff infront of a school building with a sign behind them that says thank you bus drivers.
The Sand Creek school community came together to highlight bus drivers during an appreciation event on Friday, June 9.

The Sand Creek school community recently rallied together to honor and express their heartfelt appreciation for the dedicated bus drivers who play an indispensable role in the lives of students. A special event was organized to showcase the collective gratitude and support for these unsung heroes, highlighting their essential contributions to the safe and reliable daily transportation of students.

“Our bus drivers are the first smiling faces our students see each morning, and they play a vital role in ensuring their safe arrival to and from school,” said Principal Marohn. “Their commitment and dedication deserve our utmost appreciation.”

The event was held at Sand Creek Middle School on Friday, June 9 during morning drop-off. The school’s staff and students came together, demonstrating their gratitude by preparing an assortment of grab-and-go goodies for the bus drivers to enjoy. 

bus drivers enjoy goodies at morning drop off at Sand Creek Middle School on Friday, June 9.
South Colonie bus drivers enjoy goodies at morning drop off at Sand Creek Middle School on Friday, June 9.

The event was marked by warm interactions and heartfelt conversations, as members of the school community took the opportunity to express their gratitude directly to the bus drivers. Students eagerly extended words of thanks and admiration, recognizing the drivers’ kindness, patience and professionalism throughout the school year.

The bus driver appreciation event showcased the power of unity and gratitude within the Sand Creek community. It exemplified the core values of kindness, empathy, and appreciation that the school strives to instill in its students. 

Sand Creek School continues to celebrate the invaluable role of its bus drivers, recognizing that they are not merely transportation providers but also mentors, role models, and trusted members of our school community.

“Through events like these, the school seeks to foster a culture of appreciation and support, ensuring that the tireless efforts of bus drivers do not go unnoticed,” Marohn added. “A special shoutout goes to Mrs. Moskov and her student kindness crew for making this event so special for our drivers.”