Sand Creek Principal Honored With RACK Bag

middle school class stands with their principalRyleigh Place from Mr. DeMarco’s class at Sand Creek Middle School has been giving out R.A.C.K bags ever since she was in Kindergarten.  What is a R.A.C.K. bag?  R.A.C.K stands for Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. The bags are filled with all sorts of goodies to brighten someone’s day. Ryleigh’s mom, Jacqueline Place, taught Ryleigh the importance of paying it forward at a young age and it has been an annual December event that Ryleigh will continue to do for the years to come. Today, members of Mr. DeMarco’s class were asked to vote for four different adults at Sand Creek that they felt deserved a R.A.C.K bag. Principal Nicholson was one of the four proud recipients. Mr. DeMarco’s class truly learned that giving of one’s self and making someone’s day is a true gift.