Sand Creek Holds ‘Souper’ Bowl Contest

Seventh graders in Stacey Sebert’s and Melissa Vogt’s Science classes held their annual Souper Bowl contest in at Sand Creek Middle School. Students built insulators to see which insulator kept their soup the warmest. This year we had a TIE!

Two groups won our Souper Bowl contest. The first group consisted of Deven Small, Lucy Marquez, and Ava Koonz. Their insulator consisted of cotton balls, tissues, make up pads, napkins, a Pringles container, and a shoe box. The second group consisted of Isabella Kenneally, Ari Perez, and Jillian Fordley. Their insulator contained foam, cotton balls, paper, Styrofoam, socks, tape, a scarf, and a shoe box. Congratulations to both winning teams!