Sand Creek Actors to Stage Little Luncheonette of Terror

Little Luncheonette of Terror posterThe Sand Creek Middle School Cast and Crew actors will stage Little Luncheonette of Terror. Shows are Nov. 29 and 30 at 7 p.m., and Dec. 1 at 1 and 7 p.m. Presale tickets are now available. Price of admission is $6.

More about the show

In the spirit of the classic black and white B horror movies from the 1950’s and you will discover Little Luncheonette of Terror!  Our hero, young Pete Berserker, a CB radio enthusiast, is picking up on some strange frequencies.  Pete also is the owner of Pete’s Luncheonette, much to his overbearing mother’s dismay.  He is more concerned with his radio and restaurant than finding a nice girl to settle down with, like his sweet friend Marlene.  However, bizarre things are happening all over town that no one can explain. The kids have a feeling that they are never going to wake up tomorrow.  

Terror and laughter reign when Mongo, a rock-eating creature from the center of the earth, comes to the surface right in Pete’s restaurant. Pete and his friends are no match for Mongo, who can control thoughts, cause havoc and change his shape.  Actually, Mongo is a walking rock formation.  He plans to conquer Earth by enrolling the kids in his personal army.  First, however, he drains the kids’ brains of ’knowledge’ — that is why they have to read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica!  

This show has something for everyone-mystery, comedy, terror, romance, singing and dancing!  It’s filled with great characters- talented students, singing waitresses, an up-and-coming mobster and his dimwitted sidekick, a nervous thief, a bumbling town sheriff, a school librarian, a tree lover, a stock car driver, an expert scientist and even a teen heartthrob!  Will Mongo conquer the earth?  Will Mrs. Berserker lighten up on Pete?  Will anyone get the sheriff’s name right?  Will Pete realize his potential and discover a way to save humankind before Mongo turns everyone into his zombies? The answers are waiting for you!  Come and find out!