Sand Creek 7th Graders Perform Community Service

students sort mail at a table

Sand Creek Middle School sent 200 students out into the community to complete a service learning project this month. The seventh graders, teachers and parent volunteers took school buses and went to one of 15 different locations across the Colonie area.

Students performed many different tasks from raking leaves at the Marillac Family Shelter, to visiting the elderly at the Beltrone Living Center, to preparing mailings at The Crossings.  Some students even visited the district’s five elementary schools where they raked and cleaned the courtyards, read to students and played board games.

The students and the places they visited were all very excited about their day. Most of the community members have already asked us to come back. When we asked the students to reflect on their day the most common remark was, “We wanted to stay longer!” All of the students and staff agreed that giving back to the community we live in is an important life lesson. We cannot wait to do this again!