Roessleville Third Grade Teacher Honored at Albany Common Council’s Black History Month Celebration

Two people are in frame standing on marble steps smiling at the camera. To the left is a woman in a black dress with a jacket over it. On the right is a woman holding a certificate in a patterned black and orange dress.
Megan Keegan (left) and Laura Prosper (right)

Roessleville Elementary School third-grade teacher, Laura McCallum Prosper, received a well-deserved award at the recent Black History Month Celebration hosted by the Albany Common Council. Recognized for her outstanding contributions to the community as a dedicated educator within the South Colonie School District, Prosper’s recognition came as a culmination of nearly three decades of unwavering commitment to student success.

During the event, Albany Common Council member Megan Keegan presented Prosper with the prestigious recognition, highlighting her profound impact on the lives of countless students throughout her tenure. Throughout the entirety of her teaching career, Prosper has embodied  the epitome of dedication and passion for education, leaving a lasting impact on generations of learners.

Reflecting on the evening’s festivities, Prosper shared a heartwarming story that speaks to her profound connection with her students. Amidst the celebrations, the moment she encountered a former student from her first class at South Colonie, nearly three decades ago. Remarkably, Prosper immediately remembered the student’s name, a testament to the lasting bonds forged within her classroom.

Three people stand on large marble steps. They are inside, the man on the left is wearing a suit, the woman in the middle is holding a certificate and wearing a dress, the woman on the right is wearing a long green coat.
Congratulations Mrs. Prosper!

“I am truly honored to receive this recognition from the Albany Common Council,” expressed Prosper. “To see the impact of my work extend beyond the classroom and into the community is incredibly fulfilling. And reconnecting with a student from my first class after all these years has been a truly special moment—one that reaffirms the influence educators can have on the lives of their students.”

Prosper’s dedication, commitment, and unwavering passion for education serve as an inspiration for her colleagues and students alike. As the South Colonie Central School District celebrates Prosper’s remarkable achievements, they also pay tribute to her enduring legacy during Black History Month—In honoring Laura McCallum Prosper, the South Colonie Central School District proudly celebrates not only her remarkable journey, but also the countless lives she has touched and transformed throughout her career.