Remote learning options 2020-21 school year

As the South Colonie Central School District gears up for a return to the classroom we understand that there are students and families who may have concerns about their child’s health or impact on a family member with high-risk factors.  As such the district has developed a complete remote learning option for students. Details about the remote learning program can be found below.

Virtual Academy for students K-6
Remote Learning for students 7-12
Additional considerations for families

Virtual Academy for students K-6

  • There will be an instructor assigned to each grade level.  One instructor will work with all virtual students throughout the district who are at that grade level.  For example, a first-grader at Forest Park will be enrolled in a virtual classroom with first graders from Shaker Road.  
  • The instructional program will include a blended approach that includes on-line Google meets, video lessons, and exposure to various online learning platforms.  Additionally, students may be engaged in both large and small group instructional experiences when engaged in Google meets.
  • Google Classroom has been adopted as the Learning Management System (LMS) in grades UPK-12. All coursework will be assigned through this platform. An overview of Google Classroom can be found here.  
  • Weekly and daily schedules will be developed and will be shared with families in advance.
  • Synchronous instruction will be provided.  During this block, students will be asked to sign in at a set time to work online with an instructor.
  • Asynchronous instruction will also be provided.  During this block, students will be expected to complete assignments, practice math facts, for example, and complete instructional activities at their own pace.
  • Video lessons from the appropriate grade levels will be used in the Virtual Academy.  Students will be asked to view those lessons and complete associated assignments which will be reviewed by the instructor assigned.
    District resources such as, i-Ready, Raz-Kids and other online platforms will be used as part of the instructional experience.  All web 2.0 resources are Ed Law 2D compliant. 
  • Students in the Virtual Academy will not be following a traditional school schedule throughout the school day.  The schedule developed for these students may include Google Meets, independent learning and video lessons, but it will not be a “live stream” of a class that students will view for an entire school day.
  • Related services will be provided in a virtual or “telesupport” manner as scheduled by the student’s designated service provider. 
  • English Language Learners will be provided with virtual support as scheduled with the student’s designated English New Language teacher.

Remote Learning for students 7-12

  • Students will follow the nine-period middle school or high school schedule every day.
  • Attendance will be taken in each of those periods.
  • Students will be provided with a Chromebook to enable period to period engagement and to
    maintain accountability to assigned lessons, assessments and large/small group work.
  • Virtual lessons may include synchronous learning. Synchronous learning is learning that is in
    real-time, such as Google Meets, portions of live-streamed lessons.
  • The majority of virtual lessons will include asynchronous learning, meaning that students will be expected to view “captured” or video lessons, complete assignments and engage with the teacher posted curriculum provided through Google Classroom or other applicable platforms.
  • Some classes, such Technology, Art, and Music classes will be limited in how they can be presented in a virtual format. Families may be required to pick up specific materials from school, provide their own materials that the school can’t provide and drop-off completed work for teacher assessment.

Additional considerations for families

Please note that by opting-out of in-person instruction, your child will also be opting out of all extracurricular activities and transportation services. Should sports be permitted by the Governor, the district will reevaluate the requirements at that time. Additionally, your child may not attend school events or gatherings in which they might be at risk of contracting COVID-19. 

It is also understood that once a child is enrolled in the remote learning plan, the child will remain in the virtual classroom to which they are assigned through January 29.