Pushing the reset button; Lisha Kill prioritizes wellness for students through team-building activities

group photo of students
Lisha Kill prioritizes wellness for students through team-building activities on Monday, Feb. 7.

On Monday, Feb. 7 Lisha Kill Middle School fifth-grade students participated in “Reset Day”,  a team building day designed for students to work on essential skills to support mental health both in-and-out of the classroom.

With understanding of the rising mental health needs of students, South Colonie educators have remained committed to the wellness of students, prioritizing mental health supports, and providing opportunities for students to push the reset button.  

“The amount of stress that the pandemic has placed on students and families has been overwhelming at times,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Perry.  “Our commitment in our buildings and among our talented educators and staff is to ensure that we are meeting students where they are, in the moment, and to take those opportunities to provide meaningful strategies that can be implemented at school, in their interactions with friends and family, and in their daily activities.”

The idea for ‘Reset Day’ was a collaborative effort among the Lisha Kill school psychologist and the fifth-grade team to incorporate activities as part of their regularly scheduled team building day. The team planned five stations focusing on self-regulation skills, healthy habits, academic motivation and more. Student teams participating had the chance to win a pizza party.  

“They planned a full day of activities for students and we had four lucky winning teams,” said Lisha Kill Middle School Principal Lindsay Tresansky.  “It was really nice to see the students actively engaged and the feedback we have heard from our parents has been really positive. Our hope is to be able to plan another event before the end of the year,” she added.

Shoutout Lisha Kill staff members:  Ceecee Chung, Krista Jiampetti, Liz Bell, and Linda Kennedy on their planning efforts.