Please Support the Shaker Road Brovember Campaign

brovember turtle mascotWelcome to the 8th edition of the Shaker Road Elementary School Brovember campaign to raise money and awareness about ending prostate cancer in our lifetime. The nine men of Shaker Road who are willing to risk relentless itching and scratching — not to mention curious glances and the occasional soul-crushing comment —  are growing to give —give money to the fight — give attention to the issue — give a good example to the young men we teach about how to help in the community. 

After the last trick-or-treater of each Halloween, these good men remove any trace of facial hair before they stash their razors for 30 days. If it seems like a small inconvenience or perhaps even a favorable opportunity to you, it certainly cuts both ways. The most important part is that the scruffiness cannot be ignored and thus, invites a conversation about why the beard?

When answering those questions, the men of Shaker Road have a chance to explain their choice and try to get the good people we meet to help us help others. Once again we are supporting ZERO-The End of Prostate Cancer and urge all readers of this page to visit https://support.zerocancer. org/site/SPageNavigator/ GrowAndGive/ and learn more about the disease, the work of ZERO and why we are proud to support them.

Please visit the Shaker Road Brovember 2018 website at o/en/campaign-manager/manage/ williamdollard/shaker-road- brovember-2018 where you can make a donation to the cause.  As ever, the numbered jars are in the school lobby collecting the “votes” of students and other donors who support the cause with what they put in the jars.  Every bit helps and we are grateful to all who donate!

Men of all ages need to be mindful of their good health. So many folks depend on you to be present, to be involved and to be a part of life. When you sit and consider how important your role is as a son, a father, a husband, an uncle, a cousin or a friend, the reluctance to give some blood and dignity to be tested seems silly. Do for others and know that it is the right thing to do!