Planned virtual learning day set for Friday, April 1

In preparation and to allow our staff planning time which cannot be accomplished through our traditional use of substitute teachers, the South Colonie Central School District has scheduled a virtual learning day for students grades K-12 on Friday, April 1.  There will be no in-person instruction for students K-12 on Friday, April 1.

Grades K-8

Students in grades K-8 will engage in a Google Meet at home with their classroom teacher and then will be assigned work to complete throughout the course of the day. During the work time, students will be expected to complete assignments provided by their classroom teacher, practice math facts, for example, or complete other instructional activities at their own pace. 

Students participating in the UPK program will participate in at-home learning activities and assignments provided by their teachers in advance.  There will be no in-person instruction for UPK students on Friday, April 1.

Grades 9-12

All students in grades 9-12 will work remotely and follow the schedule below. 

  • Period 1, 8:15- 8:25
  • Period 2, 8:30-8:40
  • Period 3, 8:45-8:55
  • Period 4, 9:00-9:10
  • Period 5, 9:15-9:25
  • Period 6, 9:30-9:40
  • Period 7, 9:45-9:55
  • Period 8, 10:00-10:10
  • Period 9, 10:15-10:25

Technology Support

If you need support with technology, please submit a technology help desk ticket here.