Peace, Love, and Books!; Bookstock comes to Colonie Central High School

High school students look at the different books on display
High school students look at the different books on display

The Library and English departments at Colonie Central High School teamed up to host “Bookstock” before they send students off to complete their summer reading. High school students were welcomed into the library to peruse all the books available to them. Over the course of three days, more than 550 students came to Bookstock, and a total of 522 books were checked out.

Each table was set up to display a different genre and the books on students’ summer reading lists were separated out by grade level. Students and faculty were invited to take part in a “Book Swap”, allowing them to bring in one of their own books they would like to share in exchange for a new one. Students particularly gravitated toward the “graphic novel and manga” table.

“A lot of effort was invested in organizing Bookstock to ensure its success. With such overwhelming participation and positive outcomes, we are determined to build upon this achievement and make next year’s event even more amazing.” – Elaine Luizzi, Colonie Central High School Library Media Specialist

Thank you to all that helped make this event a success! We wish our high school students good luck as they embark on their summer reading journey!