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South Colonie Information Technology Department has developed the set of resources below to support our families.  Check this page often for updated resources and information.

Classroom Email
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Chromebook Tips

For more tips on how to best use your Chromebook including shortcuts, updates and more, visit this page

Classroom Email

Parents/guardians can receive email summaries showing your student’s progress in classroom. Learn how to get classroom email summaries here.


Google Password

Finding your student’s google password in ASPEN.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom has been adopted as the Learning Management System (LMS) in grades UPK-12. An overview of Google Classroom can be found here

Google Meet


All students who are learning remotely will participate in virtual classes or meetings via Google Meets or other district-approved video conferencing tools. Participating in video conferences is a great way to stay connected with teachers and classmates, but it is important for you to understand and follow these expectations which will ensure that ALL students are able to fully engage and participate in these virtual classes.

  1. Remember that you are on camera and live. Your teacher and fellow students can see what you are wearing and your facial expression. Find a quiet place in your house and dress appropriately as you would for an in-person class.
  2. Mute your microphone (mic): Keep your mic on mute until the teacher calls on you and it’s your turn to speak. This will reduce background noise.
  3. You are not anonymous. Be mindful of your expressions, speaking tones, and what you say. Your voice and video are viewed by everyone participating in the conference. Other people in your house can hear what you and others in the video conference are saying.
  4. Speak up! Physically raise your hand or use the Raise-Your-Hand feature and unmute your mic when the teacher calls on you and it’s your turn to speak. Use school appropriate language as the meeting may be recorded.
  5. Do not use the Chat feature with your class unless the teacher states it is okay to do so. When using the chat room, write using school appropriate language. Remember that the class meeting is public and a record of the chat is retained.
  6. Be on time. Classes are scheduled just as they are during regular school days. Teachers will expect you to arrive on time and remain present for the duration of the class. Attendance will be taken.
  7. Keep your camera on and be seen. Unless otherwise permitted by your teacher remain visible by keeping your camera on.
  8. Think before you speak. Stay on topic. Make sure your comments are clear and appropriate to the conversation. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in your actual classroom.
  9. Be kind and considerate. Follow the same classroom rules that you would follow in real life. Listen to the teacher. Take turns to speak. Respect others.
  10. Think before you type. If your teacher enables the Chat feature you may be able to participate by typing into a chatbox. Choose your words carefully. Use appropriate spelling and grammar. Stay on topic. Don’t use sarcasm or humor that could be misunderstood. Don’t type in all caps.

Help Desk Ticket

If you are having trouble with technology, submit a technology help desk ticket here.


Learn more about ParentSquare here. 


Troubleshoot issues with the websites.
Learn how to Clear Cache and Cookies in Chrome.