Mrs. Reeves’ Class: A Journey with Rainbow Trout!

students in the creek releasing rainbow trout
students release rainbow trout in Kayaderosseras Creek in Ballston Spa.

What an incredible journey it has been for Mrs. Reeves’ class! Back in February, they received a precious gift from a local hatchery—Rainbow Trout eggs. From that moment on, their mission to raise these magnificent creatures began, leading them through an awe-inspiring journey of growth and discovery. 

Starting from the egg stage, the students nurtured the Rainbow Trout, witnessing their miraculous transformation from alevin to fry, and eventually to juveniles, ready to be released into the wild. The responsibility of maintaining the tank fell on their shoulders, with weekly water tests, daily feeding, and regular aquarium checks becoming an integral part of their routine. They learned how pollution, such as PCBs and other toxins, can have detrimental effects on the environment through processes.

girl standing in the creek holding a cup
All smiles during a trip to Kayaderosseras Creek in Ballston Spa.

On June 1, the students embarked on an unforgettable adventure, traveling to the scenic Kayaderosseras Creek in Ballston Spa. This excursion allowed them to witness firsthand the wonders of life in the creek while exploring alongside Mr. Dorn and his team of dedicated volunteers from the Trout in the Classroom program. 

The release of the Rainbow Trout marked a symbolic moment while instilling a profound sense of responsibility for preserving our precious environment. A heartfelt appreciation goes out to Mrs. Reeves, her remarkable class, and the incredible volunteers who made this journey possible.