Macy Buff Shaker Road Principal for the Day

four grader in striped shirt sits in principal's desk chair
Macy Buff

Sept. 18 was one of those wonderful days at school where the old adage…”and the children shall lead us”…came to life at Shaker Road Elementary School.  Macy Buff was the Principal for the Day after winning the Summer Reading Sweepstakes. More than 50 children read over 300 books and submit their summaries to the every-other-day principal during their time away from school and Macy’s was the name chosen.

Thanks to skilled parenting and amazing role modeling by two older siblings, Macy is the embodiment of the kid who cares, who looks out for others, who loves to learn…who embodies the Other People Matter mindset that we work on with our students each day. Over the course of the day Macy found time to give positive recognition to so many kids in a variety of ways – book suggestions, “catching” them being good and giving them a prize, greeting one and all with a brilliant smile – but she’s like that every day.

As a fourth grader, Macy is preparing for the move on to Sand Creek Middle School next year. As much as she’ll miss Shaker Road – and we will miss her! – she is looking forward to her many new adventures. The whole school is grateful to Macy for being our principal today!