Local Heroes from Hoffman’s Car Wash Deliver Snacks to Roessleville Elementary

two adults standing next to boxes of snacks
Hoffman Carwash employees organize snack drive for Roessleville Elementary School.

Employees Organize Snack Drive for Students

In a display of community spirit, employees from Hoffman’s Car Wash rallied together to organize a snack drive, donating snacks to Roessleville Elementary School. 

Recognizing a need that many families in our community have, employees at Hoffman’s Car Wash decided to take matters into their own hands. They began by setting up collection boxes and encouraged colleagues  to contribute.

The response was nothing short of remarkable and this week they delivered over 20 boxes of  snacks to Roessleville.

The snacks will be distributed to classrooms and can be handed out to students who forget a snack, said principal Marybeth Tedesico. “This act of kindness not only fills our students’ bellies but is a powerful reminder that our community cares about our children’s well-being.”

As the school year progresses, the employees of Hoffman’s Car Wash remain committed to their mission of giving back to the community. Their successful snack drive is a testament to the positive change that can be achieved when people unite with a common purpose.