Lisha Kill’s newest mural was finished in June, and it’s a beauty!

a photo of the mural with students and teachers posed in front of it
Lisha Kill’s newest mural was finished in June, and it’s a beauty!

Constructed by Art Teacher Christina Norris, ELA Teacher Jessica LaFex, and many students, this one is made entirely of recycled plastic bottle and container tops. The idea was born three years ago, and collection of the tops started in 2019. The plan was to build the mural in 2020, but COVID had other plans.
This past March, though, in celebration of Youth Art Month, construction finally began. Lisha Kill’s students were active in its build. “Their energy and enthusiasm poured into their work. Literally!” said Mrs Norris. “The kids would dance and jump into my room begging me for more time to work on the mural. Others would scarf down their lunches in mere minutes so they had more time to work. … One kiddo even had her dad buy her her own caulk gun for the mural.” These kids’ drive and dedication to the project was certainly impressive.
This is the fourth mural Mrs. Norris has installed at Lisha Kill, the third she and Ms. LaFex have worked on together.