Lisha Kill’s Career Day returns for eighth grade students

students pose for a photo. they are all dressed up professionally.
Lisha Kill 8th grade students dress to impress for career day,

Eighth grade students at Lisha Kill Middle School participated in a day full of interactions with career professionals. This Career Day consisted of nine experienced individuals, from various fields of work who explained their roles and responsibilities to the students through class presentations.

Eighth grade students were asked to “dress to impress, ” said Lisha Kill Counselor Lavalaugn Garland.  “We wanted to ensure that when the students were speaking with the professionals it would be similar to a real-world experience.”

These presentations were accompanied with numerous questions from students.  The students worked with teachers and staff ahead of time to ensure that they stayed engaged and asked thoughtful questions afterwards. 

“All of the teachers and guest speakers were amazed as to how the students acted and what questions they were asking,” said Garland. “The key was in the preparation. We made sure to prepare the students and provide them with various sample questions to ask. This allowed students to become less anxious and communicate with our guests well.”

This event started years ago but has recently been brought back to Lisha Kill. A committee of administration and staff members made sure that this day would be one remembered by students for years to come.

“We are very excited to bring this event back to Lisha Kill,” said Lisha Kill Principal Dr. Lindsay Tresansky. “The eighth grade students really look forward to this event and the skills they learn through preparation prove beneficial to preparing them for high school and beyond.”