Lisha Kill welcomes professionals for annual Career Day

Superintendent of schools, Dr. Perry wears a sharp brown suit and gestures at the screen behind him while standing in front of an 8th grade class. He is speaking to them about his career, the students listen closely.
Superintendent of schools, Dr. Perry, addresses Lisha Kill 8th Graders.

Eighth-grade students at Lisha Kill Middle School recently enjoyed another enlightening experience as they engaged in informative interactions with career professionals. This year’s Career Day featured seventeen professionals representing various fields of work. Through engaging class presentations, these individuals shared valuable insights into their roles and responsibilities, inspiring and educating our students.

 “The students were encouraged to ‘dress to impress’ for this event,” said Janae Vanderpoel, Lisha Kill Dean of Students. “Our goal was to simulate a real-world experience during their interactions with professionals.”

Throughout the presentations, students actively posed numerous questions, showcasing their engagement. Prior to the event, they collaborated with teachers and staff to refine their interview and listening skills. These preparatory workshops aimed to foster active participation and encourage students to ask insightful questions following attentive listening to the presenters’ sessions.

“All of the teachers and guest speakers were amazed as to how the students acted and what questions they were asking,” added Lisha Kill Associate Principal, Mark Millington. “The key was in the preparation. We made sure to prepare the students and provide them with various sample questions to ask. This allowed students to become less anxious and communicate with our guests well.”

Man stands at the front of a classroom, three students are seen in frame (many students are out of frame) sitting at their desks listening to him speak. The photo is taken from behind the students, there are papers on their desks covered with notes from the presentations they have visited throughout the day.
Albany FBI Agent speaks to Lisha Kill students.

Although this event started years ago, it was recently reinstated at Lisha Kill and received enthusiastic responses from students and staff, leading to its expansion. Thanks to the efforts of a committee comprising administration and staff, Lisha Kill ensured that this day would be a memorable one for students for years to come.

“We are very excited to see this event return to Lisha Kill,” said Principal Jill Penn. “Our eighth-grade students eagerly anticipate it each year. It’s gratifying to witness how they push themselves to develop new skills by collaborating with their teachers beforehand. Introducing them to these discussions early on proves invaluable in preparing them for high school and beyond.”