Lisha Kill teachers embrace health and camaraderie through walking club

Three adult women walk side by side through the hallway, they are all looking at each other as they talk, they are smiling and laughing.
Lisha Kill Walking Club in action.

Lisha Kill teachers are not just inspiring students in the classroom, they are also setting an example of fitness, health and happiness.  Since mid-January, the PE staff have introduced a “Walking Club” for Lisha Kill employees, aimed at fostering a sense of community while promoting physical activity. 

Over 38 staff members have joined this initiative, walking before and after school together. Combined they have walked nearly 1500 laps around the .34 mile track created in the hallways.

This initiative aligns with the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which highlights that walking lowers the chances of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Walking can also help with sleep, memory and can lower anxiety. Additionally, staff are burning between 65-100 calories per mile walked.

What stands out the most for many of the staff members is the sense of well being and having the opportunity to talk, share ideas and become more friendly with one-another.  Sixth-grade teacher Pete Demarco shared, “At first I was apprehensive about getting involved, but as I saw my co-workers moving and enjoying themselves, I realized I wanted in. I’ve walked over 10 miles in the last few weeks and I feel great!”

Woman standing in door frame holding mini converse shoe up to camera that is fastened to a necklace around her neck.
Linda Kennedy receives her miniature converse for completing over 100 laps!

Leading the way in the walking club are Michelle Paulsen with 159 laps (53 miles), Linda Kennedy with  122 laps (41 miles) and Kim DonVito with 110 laps (36 miles). 

Way to go Lisha Kill! You are all great role models for our students!