Lisha Kill student helps local families facing food insecurities

Food Pantry Sign
Food Pantry Sign

Lisha Kill seventh-grade student Mallania Holloway has been volunteering at a Capital Region organization to help local families facing food insecurities. This organization A GAPE is affiliated with the community service department of the Capital Region City Seventh Day Adventist Church.  Holloway spends her time after school handing out food packages to those in need.

“Volunteering is very important for students,” said Lisha Kill principal Dr. Tresansky. “Many organizations in our community rely on volunteers to continue services for families in need. Students who are able to get involved have the opportunity to learn transferable skills, develop leadership traits and have a better understanding of the community in which they live. It is really refreshing to see students like Mallania develop a commitment to serve others.”

This experience has allowed Holloway to value the act of giving-back to various families and individuals in need.  

“Volunteering for this organization with her grandmother is something I am exceptionally proud of her for,” said her mother Sha-netta Willis.  “I hope to encourage and continue to nurture her willingness to give back to the community around her.  She is learning that ‘whoever sows generously will reap generously’. She is also learning that it’s more blessed to give than receive!”