Lisha Kill PTA to send eight to Broadway show at Proctors

a group of six female students and two male adults pose for a photo.
Eight Lisha Kill students were selected to attend Hamilton at Proctors on March 16. Pictured: Mr. David Conway (chaperone, 8th-grade social studies teacher) Abby Santspree, Geny Ortiz, Abigail Sapienza, Audrey Owens Abigail Fiadjoe, Allysandra Anyonyuk and LKMS PTA President Mr. Eric McDowell.

This week Lisha Kill PTA announced they were sending eight lucky students to see the popular Broadway show Hamilton at Proctors Theatre in Schenectady. The students will see the sung-and-rapped musical on March 16.

The students were selected by their social studies teachers in grades 7 and 8, based on the criteria of both excellence in social studies and interest in Hamilton.

“I  am thrilled that our PTA is offering this experience for our students,” said Lisha Kill Principal Lindsay Tresansky. “I want to thank both the PTA and our chaperone for the evening 8th-grade social studies teacher Mr. Conway.  We can’t wait to hear about their experience.”

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Abby Santspree 
  • Geny Ortiz 
  • Abigail Sapienza 
  • Audrey Owens 
  • Abigail Fiadjoe 
  • Devin Ortiz-Frick (not pictured)
  • Matthew DiCarlo (not pictured)
  • Allysandra Anyonyuk