Lisha Kill partners with Colonie Police Department to share an important Digital Citizenship lesson with students

With new technology being created daily, online communication is becoming an increasingly common and important means for everyoneincluding studentsto build and maintain connections.  Lisha Kill Middle School recently partnered with the Town of Colonie Police Department to hold grade-level assemblies to provide students with information on how to engage and participate in responsible ways for using technology to protect themselves from internet dangers including the importance of privacy and security.

“Cyberbullying is also an increasing cause for concern for both teachers and students, and teaching students to engage respectfully online is important for its prevention,”  said associate principal Mr. Leahey.

On Tuesday, Dec. 20 the school held four individual assemblies to address the different areas of digital citizenship.

Students listening to a presentation
Students participated in “what would you do” scenarios

“Students who are taught to understand and prioritize online safety feel confident to take charge of their digital lives and are less likely to fall victim to potential threats that await online,” said school district safety coordinator Henry Rosenzweig. 

“We appreciate the Colonie Police Department partnering with us on this important cause,” said Leahey. “We look forward to the opportunity to continue these important conversations with our students and we will be looking for ways to incorporate creative strategies to remind students to help them navigate technology safely.”

Teacher presenting to students
Mrs. Bell asks students, “What is a digital citizen?”