Lisha Kill Middle School holds ninth annual Turkey Trot

Three adults hold hands and cheer as they cross the finish line. THe leftmost individual is a female, followed by two more male individuals in the line. THey are all smiling.
(Left to Right) Lisha Kill Principal, Mrs. Penn, BOE Member, Chris Larrabee, and Deputy Superintendent, Timothy Backus, cross the finish line.

On Friday, Nov. 17 Lisha Kill Middle School held its annual turkey trot race. Celebrating its ninth consecutive year, the turkey trot marks a cherished tradition that energizes students and encourages outdoor activity during the festive holiday season.


The school organizes distinct races for fifth and sixth graders, seventh and eighth graders, and adults, with a tradition of awarding a turkey to the fastest female and male runners among the students, and a turkey to the swiftest adult participant. The turkeys are generously donated by faculty and staff members.


Students gather at the finish line to catch their breath.
Turkey Trot participants.


Fifth and Sixth Grade Turkey Winners:

  • Ahvianna Levchencko and Silas Thomas

Seventh and Eighth Grade Turkey Winners: 

  • Evan Corbett and Josiah Murrell

Adult Fastest Runner: 

  • Terence Cassidy

Three students in silly costumes at the start of the race smile for the camera. The leftmost student is wearing a pink axolotl hat, complete with blue "shade" sunglasses, The iddle student is wearing a Bowser sweatshirt and a rainbow lei. The student on the far right is wearing a large green and white striped hat. They are all smiling and standing at the ready- about to race.
Silly costumes spotted!

In celebration of another successful and spirited Turkey Trot, we extend heartfelt congratulations to all the winners across the various categories. May the joy of this tradition continue to inspire health and community for many more years to come.