Lisha Kill MathCounts Club reaches Gold Level status by MATHCOUNTS Foundation

students posing for a photo with their certificates
Pictured left to right: Adam Elkordy, Chiara Montijo, Leah Montijo, Abbi Purvis, Mara Erdman, Abby Santspree (not pictured Erika Snyder)

During the month of March, the Lisha Kill Middle School’s MathCounts Club was recognized by the MATHCOUNTS Foundation for reaching Gold Level status for its recent mathematics-based video project. According to its website, the MATHCOUNTS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that strives to engage middle school students in fun, challenging math programs, in order to expand their academic and professional opportunities. This year, a talented team of students developed problem-based videos for consideration to be recognized as Gold Level status.

“The Lisha Kill school community is incredibly proud of our students for obtaining this special recognition,” said MathCounts Club Faculty Advisor Cathy Scheer. “Our students worked extremely hard to showcase their skill sets in creating problem-based videos. We couldn’t be happier with the work they have accomplished this school year.” She continues by saying “I am proud of the outstanding job that my co-coaches, Grace Conley and Grace Kahil, have done in helping our club reach Gold Level status.”

Gold Level Status recognizes and rewards those clubs with active participation and collaboration. Clubs that already have satisfied the Silver Level requirements (regular attendance) are eligible to apply, and must complete the Gold Level Project and submit an application and proof of the project’s completion.

The MathCounts Club is specifically geared for students in grades 6-8 and runs for the entire school year. As a group, students work on challenging math problems that require skills they may not have been taught yet. This unique aspect of the club allows coaches to introduce concepts that are brand new for club members and how to apply it to problem-solving. Gold level status is reached by teams creating problem-based videos and submitting them for competition.

The following is a list of MathCounts Club students and coaches that played a key role in this significant achievement:

MathCounts Club Students

  • Adam Elkordy (7th grade)
  • Mara Erdman (6th grade)
  • Chiara Montijo (7th grade)
  • Leah Montijo (7th grade)
  • Abbi Purvis (6th grade)
  • Abby Santspree (7th grade)
  • Erika Snyder (6th grade)

MathCounts Coaches

  • Cathy Scheer (faculty advisor)
  • Grace Conley (former MathCounts club member and current Colonie High School sophomore)
  • Grace Kahil (former MathCounts club member and current Colonie High School sophomore)

Congratulations to the MathCounts team and coaches for this recognition!!