Lisha Kill holds annual spelling bee

group of students sitting on stage while announcer talks into the microphone.
Students gathered in the Lisha Kill auditorium to participate in the 2022 student spelling bee,

On Dec. 1, 43 Lisha Kill Middle School students competed in the 2022-23  Student Spelling Bee.

In order to qualify for the spelling bee, all students from Lisha Kill  Middle School completed a pretest spelling test. Any student who had 13 or more words correct on the test was invited to participate.  Out of the 70 that were invited, 43 students accepted the invitation to participate.

The spelling bee lasted for 11 rounds of spelling. Abigail Fiadjoe was named as the winner spelling out e-m-i-g-r-a-t-e and Adam Adam Elkordy was named runner-up. 

Spelling bee students and Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Perry
Pictured left to right: LK runner-up Adam, Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Perry, and LK Spelling Bee Winner Abigail.

Fiadjoe will head to regionals in March which are held virtually this year.

Congratulations to all!