Legacy Chronicles: From student to educator to administration, Mr. Thomas Kachadurian shares his Colonie experience.

Two people sit in an office looking at the camera and smiling. To the left, is Thomas Kachadurian, CCHS Building principal, in a charcoal grey suit with a black and red checkered tie. To the right, is Haleigh VanWert, Communications intern. Between them lies a small, portable heater dressed up to look like a fireplace. Haleigh sits on a large, heavily cushioned chair, decorated in ornately patterned fabric with a Colonie blanket draped over the back. The scene evicts a cozy, fireside-chat feeling.
CCHS Building Principal, Thomas Kachudrian (Left), and Communications Intern, Haleigh VanWert (Right).

The fourth episode of the Legacy Podcast series has now been released. In this episode we sit down with the high school executive principal, Thomas Kachadurian, where he talks about his time as a student at Colonie to what it’s like now as an administrator following in similar footsteps to those of his father. 

South Colonie Communications Department intern, Haleigh VanWert, sparks conversation with Kachadurian regarding his transition from  educator to an administrator at Colonie, and the challenges that ensued. Specifically, they discuss  his connection with students now that he isn’t in a classroom, and how maintaining and fostering these connections has changed in his current role. He touches on what he does to keep that connection with not just students, but staff as well, by making it known his door is always open. 

Kachadurian shares his insight on the changes that have taken place in South Colonie, and how much it has grown not just as a district but as a community. The biggest change he has noticed, being how we communicate with one another and technology overall. 

Throughout the  interview, he mentions the South Colonie community and the support they have given him in his time as a student to now, and how it has shaped him into who he is as a professional. His hopes are to keep that unity as Colonie continues to evolve into something he never thought imaginable.

Listen to the full episode here.

Story and interview by: Communications Intern, Haleigh VanWert.

South Colonie’s Legacy Podcast continues to celebrate our rich history, and we can’t wait to share more captivating stories with you in the future. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes, and keep the legacy of South Colonie alive! If you would like to be a guest on the Legacy podcast series, please email communications@scolonie.org.