Kindness Cart delivering more than refreshments for Sand Creek Middle School

Have you ever felt the need for a boost of positivity during a work day? Sand Creek Middle School is providing a great alternative to increase school spirit, while helping life skill students with opportunities to socialize and build confidence.

Sand Creek Middle School life skill students posing with their Kindness Cart.
Sand Creek Middle School life skill students posing with their Kindness Cart.

“The Kindness Cart delivers so much more than snacks for our Sand Creek Middle School faculty and staff,” said Sand Creek Middle School Special Education Teacher Heather Kurto, PhD. “The platform is simple, but effective, for our life skills students to engage our school community, while providing a positive return for our staff and faculty. The preparation and social skill sets are an important opportunity for our students to learn responsibility, kindness and empathy during the school day.”

The program, founded on a suggestion from colleagues and Sand Creek Middle School Principal Mr. Marohn, provides life skill students with the ability to experience communication and social skills in real life situations. Additionally, the program increases the opportunity for the school community to develop meaningful relationships with students in the life skills program. The programs name is a direct reflection of what it means to be a part of the Sand Creek Middle School community: building a culture of kindness that embraces diversity in the student population.

The Kindness Cart provides seasonal refreshments for staff for a small donation. Students deliver coffee and confections to teachers during their free period. All donations go to support Sand Creek Helping Hands, which is an organization that helps Sand Creek families in need.

The Kindness Cart’s mission is clear: To build upon the larger mission of the Sand Creek community, which continues to foster a school wide culture of kindness, community and understanding.