K-8 Summer Reading Information

Get Reading This Summer!

boy reading a book in a bean bag chairSummer is fast approaching and South Colonie Schools hope that all students will engage in reading throughout the summer. This year we are excited to continue our Summer Reading structure for K-8, with student reading any type of text they choose. We encourage students to explore a variety of texts including, but not limited to, books, newspapers, magazines, articles, audio books, and more. We have created a list of websites for students to visit if they are interested in suggested titles (see list below). Librarians are also available to help. Have a super summer and keep reading! 

GoodReads is more than just a book recommendation site, although it excels at helping you find new books to read based on the ones you enjoy. You can build a virtual “shelf” of books you own or have already read, share your progress with the books you’re currently reading, rate the books you’ve read, leave reviews, and connect with other readers. You can also use those ratings to get book suggestions from the site’s database of books. Also, your friends can make direct suggestions to you.

Biblionasium is a free, protected social network for children ages 6-13 designed to engage, encourage and excite young people about reading. … Keep kids’ organized in their independent reading. Biblionasium’s virtual bookshelves help kids keep track of what they’ve read, what they like, and what they plan to read.

Type in the title or the author’s name, and What Should I Read Next? will generate suggestions. Each title also has interesting tags, which makes searching for similar stories even easier.

    BookAdventure is a fun, free way to motivate children to read.  Kids in grades K-8 can search for books, read them offline, come back to quiz on what they’ve read, and earn prizes. Finding the perfect book to read is easy! Book Adventure allows you search through the nearly 8,000 books by title, author last name, or ISBN, or select your current grade, reading level, and subjects that interest you. No matter which way you choose to search, pick a great book and start reading today!