In-person Universal Pre-K program planned for fall; Feedback requested from families

Early this week, the South Colonie Board of Education approved the decision to move forward with the Universal Pre-K program for the 2020-21 school year.

“At the August 25 board meeting, a decision was made to move forward with our program for the immediate future this fall,” said Dr. Perry Superintendent of Schools.  “The district will keep monitoring the ability to maintain the financial sustainability of the program during the course of the year based on state aid and additional anticipated budget reductions.  Program adjustments may be required after the first of the year. “

The plan for the program in the fall is to offer in-person instruction only. Following the proper CDC/DOH safety guidelines for the district’s elementary buildings, the UPK program will aim to provide similar safety protocols in correlation with other grade levels. 

In order to plan accordingly for a safe return for all students,  the district is requesting that families who are not planning on sending their child(ren) to the in-person program, to fill out this form by Monday, August 31 at 5 p.m.

“We truly appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented process,” said William Boardman, Supervisor of Special Programs. “Once we readjust our enrollment based on students who may not attend, we will be able to share out our UPK informational packet that will include school, teacher, and session time.”