History comes alive at Sand Creek Middle School

student tries on an old uniform of a soldier
History comes to life at Sand Creek!

Excitement filled the halls at Sand Creek Middle School today as three esteemed experts on American wars descended upon the campus, providing an unforgettable learning experience for seventh-grade students. Ms. Medved and Mr. Sanders, the dynamic social studies duo, orchestrated this opportunity for their students to delve deeper into their study of the Civil War.

The first expert, Jennifer Lemack, curator at the NYS Museum, captivated the students with an array of artifacts relating to slavery, the abolition movement and the African-American experience following the Civil War. 

Next, Thomas Grott, a passionate civil war reenactor, took center stage. With enthusiasm and expert knowledge, he transported the students back in time, sharing fascinating insights into the lives of soldiers during the Civil War. From discussing the challenges they faced to showcasing authentic uniforms and personal belongings, Grott’s engaging presentation brought history to life before their eyes.

student tries on uniform of past soldiers
Sand Creek students had the chance to try on old uniforms immersing themselves in the shoes of soldiers

Finally, the students had the privilege of meeting Patrick McMahon, a dedicated sergeant in the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and a passionate collector of war memorabilia. McMahon presented a remarkable collection of uniforms and personal items belonging to soldiers who fought in World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War. His vivid storytelling and tangible artifacts allowed the students to connect with the experiences of those who served in these significant conflicts.

“One of the highlights of the day was when the students had the chance to try on the uniforms themselves, immersing themselves in the shoes of soldiers from different eras,” said Ms. Medved. “We are extremely thankful to each of the individuals who shared information with our students today. The opportunity to interact with experts and explore genuine artifacts enriched their knowledge and made the information more digestible for our students.”