Daily health screening questions

This is a friendly reminder about the importance of student daily health screenings, including a temperature check prior to sending your child(ren) to school daily.  While the South Colonie Central School District does not require parents to fill out a form or submit anything formal to the school district, parents are required to ask the following four questions before sending their child(ren) to school each day.

Health Screening Questions

    1. Have you had any signs or symptoms of a fever in the past 24 hours including chills, sweats, felt “feverish” or have had a temperature of 100° F or greater?
    2. Do you have any of the following new-onset symptoms? Cough, Shortness of breath or chest tightness, Sore throat, Nasal congestion/runny nose, muscle pain, Loss of Taste and/Smell, Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Fever/Chills/Sweats
    3. Have you or has anyone in your home had contact within the last 14 days with any person under screening/testing for COVID-19, or with anyone with known or suspected COVID-19?
    4. Have you traveled internationally or from a state with widespread community transmission of COVID-19 per the New York State Travel Advisory in the past 14 days?

We recognize that this is a new process and that our families have busy mornings, so we appreciate your cooperation with it.  Working together and taking these precautions will help us all protect the health and safety of everyone in our school community.